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Strengthening eco-activism for emergency climate action

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From the beginning of 2020 until the end of 2021 Nu participated in “ECHO! - Strengthening eco-activism for emergency climate action” project together with partners from Croatia, Zelena akcija, Brodsko ekološko društvo, Eko Pan and Eko-Zadar.

Project “Echo! – Strengthening eco-activism for urgent climate action” was focused on the global and local problem of the deepening climate crisis and the insufficient capacity of civic initiatives and citizens in Croatia and the region to influence climate policies. There is a scientific and international political consensus on the urgency of radical change in all sectors, if we wish to avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change in the coming decades. Croatia, which has not shown an understanding of the depth of this problem with its previous strategies and planned projects, will soon adopt key climate regulations for the future, within the European Green deal. Therefore, the main goal of the project was to build a dynamic and interconnected climate movement, which will use innovative methods to publicly advocate an urgent response to the climate crisis. The movement will consist of CSOs, informal activist groups and citizens of all ages, especially youth, as well as lawyers interested in the legal aspects of advocacy.


During the project NU shared its experience of successful climate campaigns, as well as the experience of coordinating a large network of national groups of thousands of volunteers with the Croatian partners!


We participated in the “legal lab”, a strategic litigation training, where Erlend from Greenpeace presented the Norwegian climate lawsuit as an example of a strategic lawsuit.

Four of our activists participated in the Klimatopija regional activist camp, together with 30 people from the South East Europe region. There we had the chance to present our experience in coordinating groups and the way we organize for climate justice in Norway, as well as network, exchange best practices and see how we can work together in the future. During Klimatopija, a common advocacy strategy was created, which was shared with SEE groups and NU local groups for inspiration and future contacts!


We are happy to continue collaborating internationally with our SEE partners, together for environmental, social and economical justice!